Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Once In A Lifetime Giveaway!

 I posted my review of the upcoming book Once In A Lifetime by Jill Shalvis last month. She is definitely one of my favorite authors and I will always buy her books. That being said, can you imagine how pleased I am that now I can share an excerpt of this excellent book and the giveaway? Well, I am sure you can guess, I am pleased as punch! Here are the details on the release, excerpt, and giveaway :

Author: Jill Shalvis
Release Date: 2/18/14
Publisher: Grand Central Publishing
Genre: Contemporary Romance


“I don’t want to talk about it,” she said. Once again he was close. Too close. So damn close. “At all,” she added, hearing with some alarm that her voice had softened. Everything had softened, at just his proximity. “Ever,” she whispered, and found her gaze locked on his mouth.

He had a really great mouth.

“I don’t want to talk, either,” that mouth said very seriously. And then he lowered his head. They shared a breath for a beat, just long enough for her to know what was going to happen and feel the anticipation swamp her.

Then he kissed her, deep and slow and utterly mesmerizing. His hands were firm on her back. Needing an anchor, she reached out and grasped his shirt and leaned into him. He was warm and solid, so very solid, emitting the kind of strength that she herself was a pint low on today.
Leaning in more, she felt his body respond.

Someone moaned. I did, she realized, swamped with the sensation of being wanted, even just physically. She took in the delicious taste of him, the feel of him, the sound of his very male groan when she stroked her tongue to his.

Things got a little hazy then. A lot hazy. She felt his hands move over her, melting her bones away. She touched him, too. Her hands wandered all over his body—and good Lord, what a body.

She had no idea how long they kissed—and kissed—but she didn’t think about stopping until she ran out of air. Breathing hard, she slowly opened her eyes and stared directly into his.
They’d heated. Darkened. And something else. He wasn’t looking so relaxed now. In fact, he was looking the opposite of relaxed. He looked…feral.

And she was his prey.

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Birthdays and Books

I'm running late with my post and review. Sorry about that but I had a crazy busy weekend. My baby girl turned 11 and we went to see the new Lego movie. All I can say is: Awesome! Kids, a great movie, and ice cream cupcakes make up the ingredients for a great birthday. I added a picture of our new favorite birthday treat. If I'm being 100% honest I should say that I love pretty much any kind of cupcake but this is the last one I had so it is my current favorite.All in all it was a really great weekend. 

 Despite all the chaos I did however get through three books this week. My books of choice are One Rogue Too Many by Samantha Grace, Sweetest Mistake by Candis Terry, and a 2013 release by Lori Foster called Getting Rowdy. I will say that all three books were great and hope you will give them a try. Until then I hope you will be patient. I have some time being that I live in the Midwest with subzero temps and that makes the choice between reading steamy romances or doing anything else, especially if it involves leaving the house, even easier.  Now I am off because I can hear a hero calling my name in the pages of the next book in my TBR pile or maybe its the laundry. : )