Thursday, January 23, 2014

Back and bursting with news and books!

  I want to open this post with some family news before I get to the books. My family recently went out of town for the state robotics competition. It was a great experience for the all the kids and families involved, not to mention the coaches and mentors. My daughters team took one of the local championship trophies back in December and became one of 72 teams out of about 500 to go to state last weekend. They ended up getting a judges trophy which I'm told means they were like 4th place overall. It is awarded to teams that were really close to placing in the top 3 and the judges felt they deserved recognition. Cheers for some hard working, creative, and professionally gracious kids. Can you tell I am a mom bursting with pride for my child. 
    Now down to the business of my favorite subject, books. I used the opportunity of the 6 hours I spent in the car to read a book which I was lucky enough to receive a copy of early. This would be the 2nd thing I am bursting about. I have said it before and I will say it again, Jill Shalvis is definitely on my list of authors I never pass up. I  finished her upcoming installment of the Lucky Harbor series, Once In A Lifetime. It is the story of Ben and Aubrey, both of whom readers will remember seeing in her previous Lucky Harbor books. I am not one to give away a story but, I love the fact that this one contains a good boy who is acquainted with tragedy and the mean girl who who is maybe not so mean, both on a journey even if they don't realize it. The story kept me smiling and giggling while touching my heart, containing those inexplicable qualities of a great feel good romance. Jill is able to bring her stories and characters to the the page in a way that reaches out to the readers and draws them in, leaving them light of heart and fully entertained. All in all it was a fantastic book and is available February 18.