Thursday, June 19, 2014

Hi again!

  I am back and have some good reviews to post. I am also hoping to be a part of some exciting giveaways in a little over a week. So follow and I will keep you posted. If you were following me before, I am sure you have some questions about why it seems like I disappeared of the face of the earth.  I suppose I should tell you what I can about why I had an extended leave from blogging. First though, let me just say that I am sorry. No words from an attempted serial blogger is disappointing. ( :
  I can tell you that Health and family reasons are what kept me away and now I am back and plan to be a regular, every 3 day poster. I can breathe, and think, and vent so life is good. My family is healthy and relatively happy. All great things and I feel blessed. I am also feeling exhausted at midnight so I am going to wrap this up.
  Quick, before I fall asleep, want a book recommendation? It has been out for a few months but read  Douglas by Grace Burrowes. It was a fantastic read. I have actually been working my way through Her Lonely Lords series and all I can say is, wow! PS I have messaged with Miss Burrowes and the lady is a truly lovely person. ( : Here's to happy reading....