Saturday, October 11, 2014

Review of Anna Campbell's What A Duke Dares

  This review unfortunately was delayed because a busy personal schedule.  My apologies. Any way, I wanted to share news of Anna Campbell's last release from August, What A Duke Dares. Can I just say that this was a fab read. It was 5 star book in my humble opinion. That in itself says a great deal about this story in particular. I love historical but it is hard to find a stand out voice or even a unique plot. That's not to say that the books aren't really good. I think many of them are fantastic but not always fresh. I chose to give this particular book 5 stars because the story line stood out. The story itself was fast paced and engrossing. The leads, Cam and Penelope, are a great couple at cross purposes with a somewhat mutual goal. They eventually figure it out but it's great following them to their HEA. I hope you give it a chance. I think you will love Them as much as I did.