Saturday, July 12, 2014

Book Update

Hello! Just checking in. I have been busy scheduling books for review and I even managed a couple of stories from the new Kindle Worlds. I have ARC's and (I'll call them) post release books to review that will take me to the end of September. I am super excited about this. This is honestly a year of great books and I am looking forward to a lot of reading. As of this moment I am finishing up Sophia Nash's The Once And Future Duchess, loving it so far. Tomorrow I will Post a review for it and then for the 2 Kindle World stories I am reading. I am unsure about this new platform/stories but I love the gals who wrote them so I am diving right in. I will definitely let you know how I feel. So I am off to read. Oh, don't let me forget, there are some more possible surprises and giveaways later this month so keep your ears open and here's to happy reading...G'Night!