Saturday, July 26, 2014

Tentative schedule and news

I have a tentative schedule and line up of books for the next few reviews. I just finished up Elizabeth Michels How To Lose A Lord In 10 Days Or Less.The review for it will be posted tonight. Next up is The Game And The Governess by Kate Nobel. Then I have Two more books lined up for July reviews. They are each part of a different series, one by Molly O'Keefe and the other is by Anna Sullivan. I am also super busy trying to get kids through their final summer activities and ready for school. Not to mention planning for the three family birthdays that are less than two weeks away. I will post as often as possible but that may be limited and sporadic until the second week of August.
That brings me to my other bit of news. I am currently trying to find one or two people interested in doing reviews with me. I am not opposed to longer reviews either so if you are interested in sharing your love of books leave a comment with a way to contact you. I myself like the mystery of being only given a blurb, basic outline, cover shot, and being told it is good but I also do appreciate other types of reviews that give more, mine tend to be more recommendations than anything. So I have a list that is really long of books that will take me through October. Hope to here from some of you. Here's to happy reading.....